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Here what I have to say about the KJW USP Tactical

I have purchased this gun from somone on this board. The gun was lightly used and had a metal slide.

First impression when I opened the box was wow. The gun is big and solide. The weight is well distributed and feel like a real gun. It's a little smaller compared to a MK23. The slide sound is pretty good and loud. The gun feel right when you hold it, but if you don't wear glove and tighten your hand too hard, you might get soar hand quickly because of the gun handle texture.

First propane fill: All the gas come out of the BBs feeding port. WTF is wrong?? Doh! I forgot to reset the valve by pressing the little "thing" around the valve. So I refill using a Gen4 propane adaptor fixed on a small Canadian tire propane bottle. The mag fill quietly and keep it's pressure well.

I proceit to fire the gun. The recoil is pretty strong. The metal slide is heavy and make a nice loud sound. The mags are 15 rounds, so it's empty pretty fast.

Problems I had: Shortly after using it for the first time, I noticed the mag loosing pressure slowly from the fill valve. So I handed it to my local guntech because I don't feel capable openning gas related devices. He changed a oring inside the valve and that did it.

Next game, I fill the mag, everything come out the BB feeding port. Must be the damned Valve reset button.... NO!. Another Oring as blown inside the mag. The gun goes back to the guntech.

After all this, the gun come back to me fully functionnal. But loose pressure from the fill valve again... I let it be. Over a month, the problem got worst and the mag would not fill anymore. So I sold the damned thing for cheap.

Turned out the buyer fixed it and sold it to a friend of mine.

All this story to say: USP tactical are damned nice guns, but they are pretty sensitives. The mags are rare to find and tend to leak a lot.

I must say that the Hopup is a pain to ajust. You have to remove the slide and use a little ex wrench to turn a tiny screw hidden inside the slide. After a couple house of thinkering, I never acheaved a perfect BB trajectory using .20g.

I must had, the Trigger pull is disgusting. It's long and sluggish.
The hammer is a little wobbly and rattling a little. But that's not a big deal. I would have liked it to be crisp and tight.

You can fit a 14- (regular TM threads) silencer on the gun. It give it a kick ass look!!

Overal apreciation: 6/10
Look: 9/10
Feel: 7/10
Shoot: 4/10
reliability: 2/10

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