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Originally Posted by QKLee11 View Post
Thats because of the honorable player base Delta...
I had a fair share of a number of questionable calls, and a few "he obviously isn't going to call it" hits last year. I subscribe to the fire for effect mentality - I have no intention of engaging in a plink battle at the extreme end of the effective range of my gun. You always close the distance and use aggression. You make them hide behind that piece of cover, then come at them from the side and light them up. You come around that corner of the building they are on with your finger already working the trigger. Make that hit undeniable; make them call it.

No one is going to deny that you put a couple of rounds into their chest and arm at 20 feet. Even someone with the Paintball "Wiping is part of the game!" type of mindset won't try and claim they weren't hit, especially if they were writhing in pain. That is the only time where you know for a fact, 100% whether or not your BB connected, and whether or not game control would actually have to be involved at that point.

That being said I did have a guy not call two rounds I put in his chest at 7 feet. I'm still impressed by the absurdity of it.
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