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I am one of the commanders for Force Recon Milsim. I have a past Military background. MILSIM in airsoft, has been been bitched about and discussed about countless time on this forum and has its own thread. I have left my opinions there...when it comes to MILSIM in Airsoft,I have yet to see any Operation or any game live up to the real aspects. Everyone has their own interpretations of what they "think MILSIM is".

I don't entirely agree with rules that are set in play for our game however that rule base is voted by the Team unless there is something Danny and I see that is unscroupolous in nature and we recommend it to be removed or we remove it. However we try to keep the rule base Team orientated because it is a Team planned Event

I agree 1 BB does not equal 1 live round. The airsoft weapons don't have the characteristics of real weapons...yeah 1 person has stated at 200 feet it may but I beg to differ because my 5.56 rnd will penetrate the piece of dry wall that you are using for cover that my BB will not penetrate. Personally I would like to see ammo rule but it is hard to enforce. Our game is the only game I have seen in Canada and United States that is highly staffed to remedy any problems out there. I have seen a very good player base across Canada come to this event, enjoy it with fair play. Other people have asked on using are rules or even changing them slightly for their use (there is nothing wrong with that)...hey that is what we did with the Operation Pine Plains rules and made them our own.

As far as MILSIM goes in our Game. What we are promoting is:

1) Putting you immediately in an adverse enviroment right away (Yeah your FOB's /CP are to close but were dealing with dimentions/limitations of the site)

2) THIS GAME PROMOTES SQUAD INTEGRITY, COHESION AND TEAM WORK.Your Squad works as a team which works with a Platoon...everyone in your Squad has a job to do .... I have noted better decision making from the Squad leaders on their FRAGO Missions how they tactically deploy their Squad by the use of Fire Teams or delegations of their SAW's (because their the only ones who can fire automatic) even the delegations of their Medics (it is great to observe and watch...)chain of command is respected...if your caught loan wolfing you will be stopped and question where your Squad is at and you will be enforced to go join your Squad.

3) Mutual use of Mortar/Artillary. Mutual use of Techinical vehicles. How to tactically deploy them to your adavantage whether on an offensive phase, defensive phase or withdrawl phase

4) Pay attention to detail on attacking and consolidating the objective...dominating your building by proof of changing the flag.

5) It is an 18 hour MILSM, yes 1 must pace themselves...but I have attended 24 and 30 hours Op's here in Canada and USA and I see the player base shit the bed and say "Oh its midnight, time to sleep"...we want ppl fighting through the night that is why we shortened the Op by 6 hours..."be in fighting shape" (yes one will "hit their wall" and know their limitation)...the high speed tempo is out there...this isn't an 8 hour game on closet cleaning...

Yeah I have attended 24 hour events or ran TRG events where hardly any ammunition was fired but the Aim accomplished and I had a good time with my Troops.

These points we try to deliver to you as a Team and many more. We played with these rules in United States and had great success with it. We introduced this to Canada and the "MILSIM"/"PLAYER" base who have attended like it.

If ppl have a problem with the MILSIM of Nightfall, you can sell your ticket, someone out there wants it. Better yet, produce a game that is better that is longer then 8 18 to 30 hours and let me know. I will attend and check it out for sure.

We can't satisfy everyone. Kwokwaiwhere you been hiding, need to see you and Stuart (finally got a hold of the guy lol) out for TRG dates coming up...yes I remember you at OP Pines Plain reloading MAGS after multiple engagements lol...we had 2 solid Squads that year.

This is how I see it, you can take it for what it is worth but complaining about rule sets is not going to change the game. The After Action has been good from both games, we read it and try to improve on the short comings...that is all we can do. I am attending a couple games this year where I don't like the rule set but the MILSIM that is being produced by the game host will provide a different experience I am looking is his rules, it his game dynamic...I got to make it the most out of the MILSIM to accomplish my Team Aims and my aim (I look at some games as TRG and developing our Leaders)...that is success for me in Airsoft MILSIM


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