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If the events are restricted to 18+, which I believe to be still a young age, so if we consider 18 to be a respectable age of maturity, people follow rules. If for example I'm going 1v1 in a fire fight and I notice my opponent isn't reloading, well just like terminators or guys with excessive testosterone levels, you notify admins and they deal with such players. Cheating is cheating and if your willing to pull such a stunt you tarnish your Airsoft Canada reputation... I'll be honest, how many times have I heard trash talk about us Quebecers, honestly, I have yet to see one cheat at a game. However, my point stands, Milsims are meant to be realistic, if you want to compare a BB to a bullet, then consider this --- engagement distance, it remains the same, real life M4 = 30 round mag and an engagement range of 700m+/-... So what exactly are you trying to say when BB's can't be compared to bullets, engagement range = 100-200 feet, why shouldn't our mags be real cap? What makes real cap better? Everything... The simple fact that you don't shoot your way through situations, the way you need to be smart about when to cover; fire and time your reloads, it forces team work rather than lone wolfing, I can go on forever with why it's better... I read Milsim, thus expected real cap. Even though I know this event will be amazing, it will leave a taste of playing clearsoft. I spent thousands of dollars just to look authentic, and thousands on weapons, addons, and upgrades. What makes airsoft so much better than paintball is the "realistic" factor. Again, I know my team and I will have a blast, but I guess we're just new to playing without an ammo limit and real cap.
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