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Originally Posted by Aper View Post
So basically you guys are telling that you're scared that players might sneak in Hi-Caps / Mid-Caps during a Real Cap event ?

And I thought airsoft was all about honesty and integrity ... oh well !

PS; A milsim without a real cap isn't really a milsim. And don't come around with the 1 BB =/= 1 Bullet bullshit. If you're in for a Milsim, the number of BBs that you have to shoot during the game should be the last of your concerns. I managed to shoot 6 BBs during a 10-hour game and had myself a blast. But I guess for each their own.
The following is my own opinion; not that of the organizers since I've not been involved in any of the planning or discussions around this event. Just my thoughts based on events that I've been to in the past.

I wouldn't say that's true. It's more accurate to say that it's less admin headache and to give a little breathing space for those who want to participate but may not have real caps. The rules are no high cap mags; the rest is up to the individuals to maintain their own honesty and integrity.

From my perspective it's a give-and-take in order provide a good experience overall to a majority of those that choose to participate and not have to be stuck nitpicking a specific detail that we can all hope that everybody will be mature enough to work with.

As to your experience, it can vary. In my first Op Pine Plains experience I only shot... maybe two standard TM mags worth of BBs over a 21 hr experience in a MOUT environment. The 2nd time I was there the following year I probably ended up running through half a bag of 3000. Same environment, same scenario, same organization, similar numbers of players but completely different dynamic.

All's good as long as everybody gets what they put into it and want out of it. Anyways, I'll leave it at that.
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