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Sorry for my ignorance, but why is it a milsim if real cap is not enforced? The main thing that separates a regular and milsim game is the use of realistic ammo count. Correct me if I'm wrong, but in the real world, infantrymen carry anywhere in between 8-16 mags, most commonly 10-12. So considering one of these warriors is carrying 16, he's maxing out at 480, which is a shit load of ammo. I can replicate this ultimate warrior by filling 160 rounds in 3 separate mid caps. I find this defeats the purpose of running a military simulation. I'm not second guessing this, or complaining, it's just I've never played a milsim not requiring the use of realistic ammo count. I've always associated milsim as being the most realistic as possible, not strictly for the scenario. Regardless, I've been like a little girl getting a pony for christmas since I found out I was going to this event!

@Ares, your right they are compensating, but the fact of having huge amounts of ammo in a single mag removes the realistic side of strategic decisions during firefights.
My reasoning would be that BB =/= Bullets. BBs in general do not have the same accuracy and range that bullets do. So we up the BB count to compensate for this.
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