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Originally Posted by PTE. Pyle
(snip) the faculty might not care but the cops would be there verry quickly. (/snip)
Before the cops show up, the security has to call them up. Before they call them up, and it's a matter of student unrest, they usually come to me. If they see that I'm in charge of what ever unrest there is, they usually hang around for a minute or two, we have a good laugh and then they leave.

However, if a student calls the cops directly, I know that it can lead to trouble. And the end of the last semester, I had to deal with eight squad cars and two squads of anti-riot police because an idiot called the police saying there was a riot during the semester's last party. The riot was actually my security staff escorting a rather coked up and unrully "anarchist" (I won't even go into that debate) outside of school property, and a bunch of his friends took offence. Thing is, he broke another student's leg (my aformentionned only ambulance call in a year), so he had to be taken down with some force, unfortunatly. Meh, he wasn't even bleeding.

Point is, I know full well the potential problems, and I'm even considering inviting the local police to have a look.
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