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No idea on his ASC username if he has a presence here but I've tried communicating with the guy before as well.

He types like a 3-year old autistic squirrel.

I was offering my WSH for sale, and at first I was asking $100. He asked me if $20 was okay. I told him the polite version of 'fuck no' and he exasperatedly said, "okay okay hbout $25"

After explaining that the minimum I would go would be $70, he stated that he didn't have the money, and to "just sell him the rig for $30". Plus, after he said that he didn't have the money for my rig, he consistently offered trades that I declined over and over again (because I didn't want them) and wanted me to hold onto it for him. After that brief, not-so-brief conversation with him, I was no longer interested in letting my piece of kit go to his home, so I terminated the transaction.

The next day, he comes up to me and asks me how much I wanted for the rig.

This kid I swear. Never done business with him (and I hope I never have to) but I'm honestly not surprised he tried to pull this.

As for your case, it's probably him not having the mental capacity to operate the rifle correctly. Perhaps ask him what's wrong with it and teach him how? Otherwise, RCMP or a similar local LE type deal would be your best bet.
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