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Originally Posted by FOX_111
I voted No because I don't see what would be good we would have in return.

We would gain more players but that is not always a good thing.

Airsoft is known mostly by mouth to mouth and from "a guys who have a friend that play". It's the best thing to stay underground and develop in a somewhat controled fashion.

On the other hand, Im not totally against the idea. But in the cégep... Might not be the best place to seek new players or support.
its interesting how alot of people feel that airsoft should be an "underground sport" and that the general public should not be aware of it. personaly i feel the opposit. i feel that the more people who know about it the better, one when incedents do happen and the media blows shit all out of praportion less people will get all worked up. also i couldent hurt to have more players. word of mouth is good but in all honousty how many new players come along every year. nationwide many a couple hundred. also i think that a recruiting drive or public information setion would not be a bad idea. obviously make sure the admins and all the people from you school know what is going on dont just show up one day and walk around campus. the faculty might not care but the cops would be there verry quickly. also i wouldent walk around to much with my guns set a booth up. i vote a verry cautious yes. if done properly it could be a verry good thing. if not a swat team is iminent. and not the airsoft kind
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