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Dealing with Sam Sergio

DO NOT DEAL WITH Sam Sergio. He had agreed to purchase my masada for the cost of a ps vita with some games and $100 plus shipping. After he received the gun he started making claims that i had shipped him a broken gun. I tested the gun while showing him over skype before i shipped it and proved to him that it worked. At first I had a problem with a high cap mag, and after switching to a mid cap(that i included with the gun) there were no issues at all in full or semi auto. I have even offered to take the gun back and return the psvita. I was told that he couldn't trust that When it came time that we agreed upon for him to finish paying me i got a song and dance and in total he has sent me $55. basically he took my $350 gun and gave me a hassle and a $200 psvita that there is no way that i will get $200 for.
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