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Originally Posted by Ricochet View Post
Hmm, would there be a way for CJay's site to utilize that as a bottom line standard? Age gate via credit card, etc, then mandatory Canada Post age verified pickup?

Remember that this is an international airsoft website, that if done right will do wonders to promote and connect the sport world-wide. So we should help think of solutions, not just try to discourage nor shut it down. He's reached out to this community hasn't he? So two things; for starters, this type of website was inevitable, and two, this is our chance to help implement some Canadian control points.
thanks for the vote of support bud. I'll add the website type isn't just inevitable but it's already being done on the small scale. connecting internationally is important as we (in general airsofters) are considered to be a secretive underground community that's afraid of change, not because we don't want it but because we are commonly misinterpreted as malcontents who love hurting our fellow human beings and are afraid of rocking the boat.

It's a bit of a catch 22. By restricting access to online resources we are protecting ourselves from irresponsible people but in doing so we alienate and make suspicious people who are already unlikely to appreciate why we enjoy the sport. Hell i should know my own mom is one of those suspicious people and to this day maintains that I'm a gun toting redneck. I guess the beard and baseball cap don't help but still the point stands that we do need better exposure and working internationally should help promote that.

Personally I think that ASC and many of the retailers do a fantastic job of promoting the sport in a responsible and respectful manner but the numbers are unfortunately against us. In the UK where i started playing years ago, it's very much in the public eye and even has government legislation backing and in some ways supporting and protecting it, but it is still an unpopular sport in the eyes of most people because of the association with violence that's perceived (real or not).

Long and short my website is a bit of an attempt to simply consolidate many of the smaller services available worldwide along a similar area. We have some future plans for a worldwide player registry but that's years in the making and the current project involvee's are all parents with small children so you can guess how fast things are progressing there! but still. FOOD FOR THOUGHT! May be a pipe dream but can't hurt to try lol.
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