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Hello, everyone!

Well, first I'll introduce myself.

My name is Enrico and I'm Brazilian, I'm from São Paulo. My nick is Tank cause I'm fat hahaha. In September (2014) I'll move to Toronto to study and work and I love airsoft, but here in Brazil, Airsoft is a very expensive and controlled sport, wich means that not everyone can play it, only if you have lots of money.

I need some help in several questions about Airsoft in Canada..

I read in a lot of websites that Airsoft in Canada has a restriction about the FPS's of the guns but, seeing on online stores (American stores) like Evike, not every gun reaches the legal FPS range of the Canadian restrictions, at least most of the pistols don't. How it works?!

Where to buy?! Can you guys post here or PM me some websites where I can buy or walk-in stores in Toronto?! At least for me to have an idea about prices and stuff like that. I don't wanna buy guns that will bring me problems later like being an illegal gun. If I wanna play, I'll play like any other person, doing the right thing.

Do I need any document or registration to play Airsoft?! I know that a born Canadian don't need it, but as a Brazilian, I'll need something like that?!

Local Teams. Can you guys tell me teams in Toronto or Events wich I can go to meet people that play, know more players and introduce myself in the community?!

Airsoft guns storage, do I need anything like a Gun Safe to storage airsoft guns in my apartment?!

I think that is all for now.

Thanks a lot guys for any reply and hope to see you all soon!!

P.S.: Sorry if my english failed in any point.

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