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Kokanee as I understand it with most of the retailers I looked at this was not a common option as it cost more money. Certainly none of the local retailers here offer such service and any of th bigger canada wide ones certainly dont advertise it. Maybe I'm missing some here.

Edit: I have found some references to canada post signed for delivery which requires 18+ however as far as I remember anyone can sign for that at the door or as long as u have an item of mail delivered to the same address and are 18+ then you can collect. In fact my local post office has never asked for id proving I am the recipient so I wouldn't consider it any better that using a credit card to pay. Maybe I'm missing another option here that makes it so the recipient is the only person who can take delivery? As far as I remember only services like FedEx etc

And ricochet it'd definitely be looking at it but as I'm not retailing or even shipping anything it's of no use tbh. In regards to your comment on the site being international you're correct and I'll stress the only reason this wasn't sorted out before release was it's never been an issue in any country other then canada lol. And before anyone jumps all over me I'm not criticising. It's just a kind if unexpected turn and in retrospect I should have seen it coming lol.

Also te website database will be running by about 3 today. Found the issues and updating as we speak.
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