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As far as I can tell there's not retailer selling guns online in Canada that asks for any form of Id check / age verification as it's essentially impossible on that scale, other than paying with a credit card perhaps but as it's been pointed out emt is also accepted for most online orders.

Again the couple lawyers we have doing anything with this have stated that there's no feasible way of checking unless you have an in person meeting. We all know how often that happens.

Again I think we are coming back to some sort of regulated list of players that retailers have access too. Ideal yes. Realistic? Other countries have managed it so why not? Definitely not an overnight project though by a long long shot. Just out of interest. Anyone interested in perhaps looking at getting the ball rolling? I have resources at my disposal but limited time as always.

Sorry about the site being down also. I'm havin a minor issue in that the database is being a moody child right now. Later tonight hopefully.
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