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I hear ya. The geo location is simply a reflection of the location you enter into the address field on the ad posting. You can leave that if you like. Basically it will simply centre the icon on the city centre or town centre of whatever you specify under location. There's no location tracking present in the software and it conforms to the us Canadian and eu standards in that respect. Basically if u type in Calgary and no more specifics it'll city centre Calgary but if you type in your full address it'll use that and pin you on the map lol.

As for personal info with the credit card system it'll all be handled by the paypal ipn and is under it's legal jurisdiction which I have nothing to do with. Even if you type your card in manually I wouldn't be given that info.

In respect to the skirmisher database if it will go ahead ever it'll be off in the future and will have to be very carefully thought out and in addition would have to be collaborated on by Canadian retailers etc. as I said it's not impossible, just extremely hard. As it stands if you are age verified with asc or any of the local clubs here then your personal info is indeed stored and that's a good thing as far as I can see. You are correct though that personal info would have to be stored in an appropriate manner conforming to privacy rules in any given Province and it does differ from Province to Province.

Again though thts an issue for a lot further down the line but worth thinkin about.
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