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Like I said (or didn't I guess)

I can on ocasion be a complete dick if I think the situation calls for it but u have raised a decent point. Just for terms of reference. The website has been approved by enom USA as a legitimate and completely legal entity and they accept wholeheartedly the terms of liability. My colleague in the us is responsible for legal matters pertaining to the terms of use and we have that covered. What I'll do in te meantime is get my lawyer here in Calgary to look into getting a separate version and if it's required for Canadian use being that the website is based in the Southern USA.

Again we are not strictly dealing with Canadian law with the liability clause but if it will appease worry here then I will have it sorted out.

Just out of interest. What are you using as your reference terms for liability in your case study as the lawyer we consulted here (McCarthy Tetraut Firm) advised us that the terms of use is more than enough to remove responsibility for an action as you described. I appreciate tht it doesn't negate peoples worry however and would love to know what you personally or anyone else for that matter would require?
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