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Kokanee. I've already sorted out the Llp statement in regards to the legal requirements of such in its country of origin so no worries there.

I'm actually glad to have someone like you grabbing at this as it's making me think more about the system. Perhaps we do need a type of age verification system in place however I have been advised by our lawyers that with respect to the clause that states all reasonable steps must be taken. In this case due to the website being a foreign entity it falls within the legal requirements of the host location. Don't blow up yet lol. I'm not denying you have a point however and have forwarded your concerns to the appropriate person in charge. Perhaps for the Canadian system we may need stricter gate keeping systems and that's something I'll be happy to incorporate. We spent a long time going over liability issues in various situations and primarily it's not an issue but I can see where your concern lies. I'll throw the site into maintenance till it's sorted out. I'm honestly not in te habit of ignoring good advice and you are making a fair bit of sense albeit only within Canadian law but still. Let's see if we can get a solution that works for everyone!

That work for ya?
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