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Yup I'm aware of that which is why the uk version is developed alongside UKARA and the VCRA legislation. Whilst UKARA is not actually a legally recognised database it is all that is required to prove that you are a registered skirmisher. Anyone 13 years or older can hold UKARA registration status with under 18 requiring parental permission. Both parties involved in any airsoft gun sale must be UKARA members in good standing and active regular skirmishers as laid out in section 19 of the VCRA. It's is the sellers responsibility to ensure the gun is then registered to the new member. As a minor in the uk you can legally buy an airsoft gun with written consent from your legal guardian although you can use it without their presence on a designated skirmishing ground at te age of 14.

I love how clear it is lol. Saying that I dug through 38 pages of the damned thing in order to get just that. That and I am a UKARA member to this day lol. My active skirmish card was revoked due to lack of required number of games in a year lol. Gotta love beurocracy.
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