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firstly I'll address importation side - Whilst the site is multinational and there exists the possibillity of people listing items for cross border sales it is monitored and any sale purporting to cross border shipping outwith the legal avenues will be removed.

In terms of the age verification issue that arises within the Canadian airsoft scene please remember that this is almost exclusively an issue that rears it's head in Canada. With that in mind the site has been designed to trust that the airsoft community at large is at least somewhat responsible for it's own actions and will take different countries laws into account.

The age of buyers and sellers is part of the user agreement which (and i hope it has already gone live) states that each person involved in any trades or sales are over the legal AOM in that respective jurisdiction and anyone to be found breaking these stipulations will be banned and have all advertisements removed. Legally for a classifieds website that does allow the posting of age restricted goods, that's all that can be done in essence without going to a full blown age verification system which I admit is essentially fool proof but limits the scope of practice for that application.

It's true that there is essentially no difference between posting on the dedicated classifieds as there is to posting on Kijiji with the one big difference of there being a dedicated set of selling tools and a single repository.

I really do not want to have to go into the mire that is the politics behind airsoft but suffice to say that as I have already stated I am merely looking for people to use the website at face value and express an opinion on it's functionallity and not it's perceived political implications. At any rate, being a non-canadian origin venture this falls squarely out of the realms ofcanadian law and into the jurisdiction of the host location.

Please don't think that I am saying your argument has no merit but for the purposes of this test and the worldwide perspective on this I'm not going to weary myself by arguing with you overly much. Most airsoft communities around the world are happy for people to openly post sales and simply trust that as a responsible community member will raise a red flag if there are any issues regarding legality due to age concerns. That may not be the way you see it but on this I'm sure we can agree to disagree amicably and take this at face value for the time being for what it is - a test of a globally accessible system.
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