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I'm indecisive on the matter, I like the idea of a Kijiji-type airsoft website but at the same time as other members have mentioned it might have a hard time competing against existing classified websites. Such as... well, Kijiji?

Personally, (despite the fact I still haven't made time to get AV'ed) ASC is what I would turn to in terms of being able to buy off of somebody who holds a reputation and is willing to be honest for the sake of that aforementioned rep. If I do get burned in a sale, I can make my thoughts known here... do you propose a similar system for your own site?

The other problem is having kids getting onto your website and purchasing airsoft, something I'm strictly against. How do you propose to regulate the sales of airsoft guns so as to prevent this beloved hobby from being banned because some 11 year old kid brandished a Kalashnikov in public?


lol By the time I actually got around to posting this, Kokanee, you beat me to the punch.

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