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Remember this is a multinational effort. This is not just for Canada and is certainly not replacing anything. Hell that's not the intention at all. However there has been a large surge in the last few years towards a more dedicated resource for airsoft related goods. As I've said I'm just looking or test subjects on a large scale here so consider it an additional resource you can utilise for free. Forums are unfortunately limited in the kinds of information they can provide and are not geared towards automated user controlled sales mediums.

This is in no way an attempt to replace any existing system but from the start ha been an attempt at enhancing services in this market area, namely the secondhand and secondary markets.

I'll add that this is also in no way going to develop into a retail model. I have absolutely no intention or remotest desire to tackle that one lol. I have nothing but respect for the majority of canadian retailers that struggle to make ends meet often times. I'm friends with a number of retailers worldwide and have received a great deal of help from them also and as such have successfully avoided stepping on toes thus far. As I said the 2 areas shouldn't be crossing one-another so it should be a non-issue.
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