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ok don't be fooled by the name - this is actually an airsoft thing and I'm just being a dingus...but on with the show!!!

So for over a year now I've been collaborating with a couple guys internationally to setup an airsoft version of Kijiji. After much arguing over various aspects (main developer lackey here) the website is finally ready for testing on a larger national scale and since I'm in charge I decided to setup a Canadawide version to start with (going worldwide very soon). It's been running on and off for a few days and starting to get some hits for sure however i wanna see the server struggle!

Ads are completely free to post but do require a signup. PLEASE READ THE TOU BEFORE POSTING. It informs you of your rights and clearly explains the reasoning behind most of the website's rules. Ignorance is not an acceptable excuse.

I'd really appreciate some comments or suggestions to get the system customised more for airsoft use. Feedback has been good from most of Europe and also the test groups in the Philippines but this is the first time it's being opened up on a large scale so please feel free to rant about bugs etc. Also the ads system can be customised to display specific fields to help sort ads into specific subcategories etc - please take note of other fields you would like to see added to the ad submission form.

Also due in part to some of the code being written by my European brethren, the English may be a bit strange in some parts. Please feel free to report and I'll have it fixed.

This is a massive project and has been on the go for over a year now and I'm not expecting it's first large scale trial to be faultless but hey, lets give it a good run! If all goes well we will be launching a full blown worldwide setup and all our tests have shown alot of airsoft communities wiould support such a venture. As I said we really need some feedback from the airsoft community at large so please, Let her rip!!!!

ALSO: Telling me there should be more color will get a rather annoyed response as design is really pretty low on the list right now but it is coming so please - keep the artistic criticism's to a minimum lol.

The website is

NB: Any posts on this version will be transferred to the multinational version once it has been approved by the various regulatory bodies in individual countries where it is required. The large part of this endevour has been getting the various regulatory supervision aspects fixed in the UK and other stricter european countries so please be aware that the TOU may seem very very specific at some points but this is largely to satisfy those stricter requirements. ANY QUESTIONS CAN BE DIRECTED TO ME HERE.
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