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Yeah, welcome to ASC: the place where all maniacs com together and rant about some of the most random things and airsoft guns and such.

But yeah, it's good to see how enthusiastic you are, but keep in mind: you don't have to go all in when you join into airsofting. I was intruduced to airsofting when I was 11, didn't start playing on the field till 14 and a decade later I'm still playing! But I didn't get my own gear until 2008, my vest itself is about 4 years of small purchases and customizing.

In my opinion, when figuring out what kind of guns you want to buy for airsofting, you have to figure out how your play style is like: do you like to hang back as far as you can or do you like to go full throttle into the front line? Do you find yourself changing magazines more often? Do you like to switch to your sidearm more often? Big or narrow grips? Have you heard about Bullpup rifles? Do you drop your slung weapon or throw it onto your back? Is there anything you want to do in terms of end-goal for outfit design or weapon?
All of this will be nice to consider after playing for a little bit on the field and getting the hang of how to handle your weapon and tactics, but keep in mind that you can buy all your parts incrementally: $80 vest + several pouches each costing $20-$40, eventually you'll have a $200 vest in almost over a few months.
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