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To be honest I never even looked at those manufacturer's products really. I should check them out, and do some detailed research into the differences between the manufacturers and the products that look identical between them.
I'll start you off, KJW is TM compatible so basically every shiny bling bling upgrade part you find for a TM pistol will work on the same KJW model with little to no moding necessary opens up your world of customizing. Lol its very very rare that a pistol ever stays factory stock. Also KJW has very good service and decent prices when it comes to supplying factory replacement parts. I have owned several KJW 1911's, Sigs and Glocks never had a problem besides a few caused by mis-assembly errors and a leaky mag on my Les Baer 1911

VFC- Haven't owned one yet but never heard a bad thing about them but they are relatively new on the pistol market and have very few models to chose from currently.

KWA- nice pistols but proprietary parts galore

WE- Newer models of pistols are good bang for the buck, I have the XDM and its a great pistol no complaints. WE pistols are some what TM compatible with moding.

Cyber-gun-- rebranded KJW pistols with trade marks so above applies

KWC- not familiar so I'll live that up to someone else
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