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Originally Posted by FirestormX View Post
On the topic of TM's plastic: I've had a great deal of pot metal crap rails and receivers snap on me. I've never had any of my TM parts snap on me. Be they my GBB pistols or my AEG receivers.

I know how you feel about a proper metal gun, though. I've got full metal pistols and TM pistols. One is for the feel, one is for the function.

And just an aside about the logical fallacy that because WE makes GBBs, they should be the best: they're not. :P
WE makes GBB pistols that are crap, compared to TM. They make GBBRs that are pretty good, though. They do also make AEGs, but they're less common.
Not only that, but most WE guns are poorly produced clones of TM guns. WE doesn't innovate, but they do have a lot of variety.

I get that you prefer the full metal feel, though. Especially as a newbie. The feel adds a lot of fun to the game.
Well that does explain the price difference between TM's and WE's but why plastic? Are they much more reliable than WE pistols? I haven't used my High-Capa a whole lot, but I love the solid feel, and while it may not cycle as fast as a TM, it is a pretty fast cycle rate and more than enough for me.

I also never meant to imply that WE was the leader in the GBB market, just that they have quite a bit of experience and even though I sort of feel the same way about WE kind of just copying TM with a lot of the pistols, they do make some pretty good products. Having to upgrade to reinforced RA-Tech internals is a bummer as well, but I do feel that WE's GBBR's have a lot of potential once upgraded.

Yes, as a newbie I did want the full metal guns mainly for the feel and to add more fun during a game, but there must be a reason why TM's are made of plastic, yet some can cost nearly twice as much as the WE counterparts.
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