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Originally Posted by Styrak View Post
If you think a WE with a heavy slide has a fast cycle rate (it doesn't), try a stock TM Hicapa.
As I originally said I'm skeptical about TM's, only because they have plastic slides. I'm not that knowledgeable about the subtle differences between companies, just the main differences in the guns them selves (say the differences between 1911's and 2011's). I do enjoy watching KhanSeb's videos on youtube, mainly because he fires the guns a lot, so you see what it looks like when its being fired, how much recoil (blowback) it has etc. He has quite a few TM's and hes said a lot of good things about them, however, the one thing that always bugs me is the plastic slide. I'm sure it must be a really strong and resilient type of plastic (not that cheap dollar store toy plastic) but plastic is plastic, and for someone like me who's still new, metal seems more reliable than plastic. As for the cycle rate, my only other pistol is a KWC SW40f so compared to that, yes I do think that my WE with its heavy slide (it's a split competition slide) does have a fast cycle rate. Maybe I'll buy a used TM and tinker around with it, if I enjoy it, I'll probably switch to it. I'm not a die-hard WE fan or anything, I just like that they primarily make GBB's so that means technically they should have a lot more experience with GBB's compared to other companies that also make AEG's, but I could be wrong, it was just a thought at the time of purchase.

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