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I'll post a final rebuttal, then I'll let the numbers decide. Please continue to post comments, we've had a lot of good points brought up.

1. The administration will ok this. Trust me. I'm on the proverbial board of directors of the college. You wouldn't believe half the crap I've managed to pull off so far.
2. Soccer moms et al will not witness the event. It would be located in a discreet venue, in a time slot of less than two hours.
3. I'd be tempted to allow minors in, simply because most of them would be 17, going on 18 in a mere few months. But then again, I don't care much for them either.
4. This would be on the larger scale, true, but not mass-market. Like I said, max 100 participants, but the more I think about it, the more I'd be confortable with 30-40.
5. As for the sudden flow of potential idiots, I plan on giving them a good primer, so the more obvious questions will have been taken care off before hand. Though I can't guarantee they'll all behave on ASC, of course.

I leave it in your hands now. If you are opposed to the idea though, and your reasons haven't been brought up in the thread, please post a brief something, will you? :wink:
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