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In regards to pistols, I have a WE Xcelerator Dragon (Essentially a 5.1 High-Capa) and to be honest, I love this gun. People have written a lot of mixed reviews about WE pistols, most of the criticism is directed at the internals, saying they're weak compared to other brands, but I've had no such problems with mine. The cycle rate is super fast and the blow-back is very hard and crisp. I would definitely recommend it. I also have a KWC SW40f which runs CO2, not quite as good as the High-Capa but it's definitely a nice beginner pistol. Only downside is magazines for it all but obsolete. Most sites don't carry them anymore. On a side note, I've always been a bit sketchy about TM's because they're plastic. Not sure how reliable they are compared to metal slides but technically you could always buy an aftermarket metal slide for one I guess.
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