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Originally Posted by Emre1337 View Post
I read online somewhere that there was a proper way to insert magazines into a WE GBBR without causing damage to the feeding nozzle. I can't find the thread (searched through google the first time, can't find it now) so I'm not sure how to get clarification on this, but the main topic was WE SCAR maintenance, however there was a post where somebody said that loading the magazine into the gun with the bolt back, gently pulling the charging handle and while still holding it, guiding it forward was the proper way to reload. What I'm wondering is does it adversely affect your gun if you load it with the bolt forward and then just pull and release the charging handle to load a BB? Isn't that what the charging handle is for? Also, I assume your NOT supposed to just hit your bolt catch like in Call Of Dougie. Any clarification on this would be greatly appreciated.
With RS, hitting the bolt catch is a good technique and will prevent jamming. If you bring your bolt foward with the charging handle, that will cause a jam unless you ''unlock'' the charging handle and let the bolt travel full speed with the buffer's spring.

With a GBBR it's a bit the same thing. The only difference is that you might end up with a broken nozzle if you don't reload properly.

You want a fast chambering action to prevent jamming aka nozzle breaking.

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