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Originally Posted by curo View Post
this is entirely my point. More so on a car forum. Your trying to sell me items worth hundreds of dollars.

More so with car forums you get descriptions like

"legit mugen style wing, real cf, legit from japan, real jdm, mint, 10/10 minus the these two holes, 70 dollars."

nothing real is ever 'style' (take a look at the marsoc style gear, shits china fake eh)
if you want me to buy your wing, is it 'wet' or 'dry' carbon fiber?
What condition, is it painted or just plain.
Clear or no clear coat?
Test fit?
Why such a low price (some of these wings can retail for 1-4 grand easy.)
stop telling me its legit and show me its legit.
Any colour fading?

Like seriously. I gotta either have this thing shipped to me or i gotta drive out to get it. Make me want the item....

The replies i get are like bro, dawg, homey, bro best bro, and other stupid shit. I swear to god some members of the honda game are good, others babble on like uneducated wannabe gangfucks.

Asc is like a savior. I gotta get back into the airsoft scene now...
is best bro, is best!
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