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Tough question....

Airsoft on campus might fly now, but you have to look downstream a little and try to imagine what the backlash would be from your administration staff if there was an "incedent" (use your imagination). They might blow away all your hard work with a simple vote.

I think bringing people into the sport is always good. Even as an experiment, a public recruiting drive might be interesting.

In some ways having to spend a few hundred dollars (few thousand?!?!?) to get started in this sport is a bit of a qualifier in itself. You need a basic level of commitment to make that investment. Then, as the addiction...*achem*..commitment grows, the player develops.

Real "recruiting" happens on the feild, during play, when the person feels the rush and likes it enough to keep playing. Usually one on one with their "sponsor"..

Jeeze...this is starting to sound like AA!

I vote YES, but tentatively based on the approach, and what exectly is said at the info-session..
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