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Hey guys,

Since the year I've been involved, I've always wanted to host an information séance about airsoft at my cegep (kinda like university for you non-Quebec folks). Now, I've weighed the pros and the cons of this activity, and would like to have your opinion on the subject. If the community is against such an action, I'll forget it.

The rules for this thread:
1. Please be polite and remember that I'm asking for your opinion. If you really don't think it is a good idea, explain yourself politetly, please.
2. Vote damn it!

Cegep Édouard-Montpetit

The cegep holds about 6500 students, with about 4000 inside at any given time. Minors represent 20% of the population, give or take 5%. I have the actual numbers at my desk, but I'm home right now.

Student's union should not be a problem (they usually are against any military/para-military-ish looking things) as I am involved with them (I'm technically a vice-president because of my title, but I'm really the accountant). There should be no student protest, hell, most of the people I know (and I know a lot of people at that school) would be interested to visit.

The administration shouldn't be a problem, as I actually managed to convince them to host a game inside the school (during the night) but I decided against because the the costs involved.

The séance itself would be held in a private room, probably a large class or auditorium away from the main arteries of the school to avoid having too many random onlookers. The event would be publicized, but there would be no guns in said publicity. Guns would be displayed but kept under a certain guard during the event.

I'm asking this as I've been asked a couple of times now if it were possible to start an airsoft student club, and I've noticed more and more people talking about it. I'm known as an "active" (okay, I try and go to the Action Commando games as often as I can, but it's been a few months, so I'm more of a chairsofter per se) player and suprisingly many people have asked me about the sport.

All in all, I'm sure that we'd find plenty of good people ready to get involved if they knew this sport existed, but I'm wondering, do we really want the exposure this would bring to the sport.

That is what I'd like to discuss. Is it wise to go public like this, or is word of mouth a safer, though less effective, method?

Further more, I'd like to hear from local players, anyone willing to help if I decide on going forward with this?

Let me know!
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