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Originally Posted by ThunderCactus View Post
They state on the site that they're receivers are all machined from billet, but all the receivers we've seen so far have been machined castings.
If you DO want to check something for me, I'd like to know if the motor hole in your receiver is to spec. After taking apart Austin's FTW it's apparent they may have fixed the gear lash issue, the only other major flaw is the motor hole.

What I'm looking for is a decent sample size of 2014 FTW's to verify if they've been fixing problems or not. A few AEG companies have improved their game over the years, maybe FCC can do the same.

The other, and most important, issue is something that can only be verified by a sample of FTWs, and that's product consistency.

So, I'll trust that yours, and that other FTW in the GTA area are good. And we'll even assume they are up to or surpassing systema specs.

But even then, based on what we're finding, only 1 in 7 FTW's are any good.
So even if they CAN make a same quality or better product than systema, what is the point in buying one if there's a 6 in 7 chance that you'll end up with a $3000 DTW?
Ya I can check the motor hole. Might take a couple of days before I have time. What should be spec for the motor hole?


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