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I sold off my PTW's, both were constructed from scratch with FCC parts and Systema bodies (One was an FCC Noveske body build) They are still going to this day without any problems. With the exception of the 416 I had from FCC, stripping of the FCC pinion gears was a major concern and pain in the ass. From what I noticed while watching FCC's product releases, was that they became quite inconsistent with tolerances of their upper and lowers and overall CNC build quality. I think the pinnacle for FCC quality was right when they started releasing their first build of rifles, and the first 416 line, they were heavily focused on quality and scrutinized over the details of each rifle, and as such were able to maintain a warranty program. After that quality control seemed to slip considerably.

Of course this exact same thing has happened to Systema, so I am not really surprised. At the end of the day, as the end user, I will take what ever works best from multiple companies and build a custom blaster as I always have.

I think FCC can be salvaged for the Canadian market if they go back to doing what they were doing best. Making replacement parts for reasonable prices to fill the gap and demand which Systema created.
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