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Originally Posted by siggypoo View Post
While I apparently don't. I got a Glock mag sent to me a while ago, tracking says it was delivered, but I never got it.
Unfortunately the seller wont open an investigation.
I hate when that happens! Luckily in my cases, I usually get the item the next day or a few days later in the end.

It's supposedly because someone double-scans it by accident and registers it as delivered according to Canada Post's customer support every time I've had to contact them.

Originally Posted by Rob101 View Post
So far I have only one major issue with Canada post. I had ordered a Gerber from soldergear and when I went to the mail box to get the parcel it was empty. Someone was grasiously nice enough to open the package and remove the item so I didn't have to. What have it away was the one side was cut open and a piece of tape to hold it closed.... I called and complained and they said they couldn't do anything so I contacted the rue tailed and they shipped me a new one. Now I'm waiting on a Lighweight ruck to pass through customs and it's been 3 days for a damn back pack...
Customs is technically a separate issue from Canada Post :P

But yeah, at times it takes so long. One of my buddy's shipment has been in Customs since December 2013, and all he gets are automated messages.

If it takes more than a couple days, my stuff would usually sit in customs for 1 week to 2 months. When it takes a long time, it's usually probably because a customs officer probably misplaced it, I doubt there's anything we can do about that.
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