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Originally Posted by Deltastone View Post
Some people feel like they need to keep their username hip, cool and relevant to how their life changes. In the last few years I'd be 100% changing for changing my username to something else (I have a few "cooler" ideas in mind) but I figured it'd be best to keep it.

The whole "not changing names thing" serves two purposes here, I imagine

1) Your forum handle in the ASC Community is useless, and it's the name you make for yourself that really matters.

2) Sometimes people throw hilarious / childish tantrums over something as superficial as a name change - it serves as a warning beacon to the community to keep an eye on this guy.

One thing I like about ASC, with your static names and Age Verification (preventing multiple accounts) is it gives accountability to people. The more Anonymous someone is the less consequences they perceive from their actions; which is something that is not cool when peoples safety is always on the line.

Oh and people bugged the Admins all the time. That is probably the only reason that matters :P
Wow! Thanks for such a details response. I can safely say I know why people have issues with usernames. I never even thought about the safety factor you brought up. That makes complete sense. Someone can totally ruin a name and then do a "quick" switch and unless someone pays attention, can run rampant again!
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