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If the dealers and stakeholders really DO have the top end prototypes and we're stuck with the BS they're marketing, then that REALLY grinds my fucking gears. Straight up insulting to no end. It's like a Rolex dealership spent months advertising their watches and went and sold us chinese knockoffs for 15% MORE than a real Rolex. And then you call them on it, and the salesman is like "well MY Rolex that I bought here is a real Rolex, so you must be full of crap."

So this whole time these (very few) persons have been arguing against us saying FCC is good, and their FTW is awesome, it's been because they had a special we-suck-your-dick model?
And after being presented with a pile of indisputable evidence against FCC, their argument is their special blowjob model is good, therefore people should still buy FTWs.
That's absurd.

But just to show that I am fair, I will (no bullshit) give someone $20 to post up a detailed and photographed review of a quality, properly working, and at least up to systema-spec FTW bought in 2014, specifically detailing every spot where we have found faults in this thread and showing that it is INDEED problem free and worth at least as much as a systema.

Show me your cake!

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