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Originally Posted by redneck12 View Post
I was looking at their rails and a few other bits and bobs, how are they quality wise.
They look nice but only the prototypes and the ones that went to dealer/distributors are of the high quality CNC product. At the price you are being charged you are better of buying a real version for an extra $100 dollars.

See the quote below:
Originally Posted by redneck12 View Post
As far as I have seen the only ones pro FTW are the guys that invested in the company and distributors.
Originally Posted by MMatersk View Post
Any pro FCC guys want to chime in on this? I'd like to hear what they have to say. I was actually blown away when I got to try a FCC product last year at TAC was very close of purchasing a gun from them. Any new development? I'm kind of glad I didn't buy into the hype after reading everything.
Only the guns that I have seen in the hands of the FCC stakeholders in Hong Kong and in the dealers in Canada have been of high quality. IE Full billet CNC from tool quality steel or aluminum. The other complete guns that are being sold are put together and built to a far far far lower standard, die cast, cnc finish 'metal' that is hardened (gears), or die cast cnc finish for the externals.

I agree with Brad, the only product that I have seen from FCC that is good to go IMO is the selector rack.
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it would appear I am not first up in this gang-bang
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