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Originally Posted by r.d.fretz View Post
I toyed with the idea of CF Combat Boots, but I heard such rave reviews about these side zip boots, being lighter and so on. But it can't HURT to go into a surplus store and just LOOK around! BAHAHAHA!!! I can't even type that with a straight face, I am so going to have to buy flowers this weekend...
Hi Fretz,
Stay away from my shop, we have a floor of Airsoft and a floor of Surplus,
I won't put you onto the side Zip boots, they are lighter, but they are also designed for paved surfaces. The CF Issue Combat boots are built for Off Road, and they're Made in Canada {well Quebec but that's almost the same}.

Unfortunately I'll be at the TAC14 show with tables full of goodies, just a sampling of the stuff we have in day after day at the shop just waiting for you. Most of my customers wives hate me, That's why they have to stop coming to the store after their wife finds out that there is not "another woman" in their life taking all their free time and money but a "Dude who Sells pants"
I don't usually bring Boots to the show as it gets cumbersome, so plan a side trip to Port Credit (Mississauga) don't tell the missus there's a surplus store here or she'll fight you tooth n nail. The rest of the area I'm in she can shop in the boutiques take in the fine restaurants, gift shops and Cafe's while you dig around till your hearts content, (between 10am-6pm ok?)
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