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I worked on an FTW a few weeks ago that suffered from all the standard problems
$3000 race rifle
-motor hole bored too large and out of center, so the motor moved side to side, had to shim around the motor head boss to reduce movement
-motor pins slightly loose
-8 shims on the buffer tube cap and has the dented cap instead of the hole
-body pins were a loose fit
-cylinder needed regreasing
-motor needed it's height adjusted (especially since it moved side to side)
-uses an FCC 2.5 motor which is a decent armature with a shitbox body
-hop mod was done, works, but very shoddy

Only good thing about this one was the gears meshed properly
however the cap for the planetary gears was too tight and crushed the sun gear bearing

Sooooo their track record for the mechanical still sucks
Their boards seem to be pretty good though
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