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I really do appreciate the advice about the pistols. This is the one area that still has me asking more questions than are actually answered.

The APS ACP that I was lookin at was 90% looks and 10% the odd new mag set up. The only reviews I have found on it were people who just bought it or retailers, so not helpful.

I was actually looking at the 1911 due to funtion and fit. The one I did handle felt really good, loved the sites and performed well in my hands. Sadly it was green gas, if it was co2 I'd likely have bought it. The only other thing I wasn't big on was the hammer protection whatever its called at the back. Not a big issue, but it was the only thing I could find to complain about besides the green gas issue.

For now I'm invoking the "my wife says I'm not allowed to buy that" rule... its a good excuse, and sounds plausable. Not going to buy more than one gun at the show! LOL, or so I keep saying while SWMBO is within hearing distance!

I toyed with the idea of CF Combat Boots, but I heard such rave reviews about these side zip boots, being lighter and so on. But it can't HURT to go into a surplus store and just LOOK around! BAHAHAHA!!! I can't even type that with a straight face, I am so going to have to buy flowers this weekend...

I hope to meet several of the fellow enthusiasts when I get to the show. I have questions and hope some of you actually have answers. I like the helmet defence against the frying pan though... I may use that AFTER I buy the kevlar though. Good excuses must be used at the proper time! This WW2 re-enacting idea is leathal! before long I could see myself getting into that too... already checking out those websites.

And the SHALLOW end is in the $1000 range?!? Oh shhh-ure.... I knew I missed the shallow end! Right now I'm closer to $2500 not counting the re-enacting gear that I am not avoiding very well... And that's the wholesale stuff!!
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