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As in everything, it depends on the group you're with. I've seen some other ww2 airsoft organizations and frankly they're garbage: piles of ugly postwar kit, ponytails sticking out of helmets, basically just a costumed piss-take. The Ontario crew has much higher standards of realism, in both equipment and behaviors. We do training events several times a year to learn period tactics and practices from period manuals. Some of us have passable German which we use to communicate when in action. Many of the most memorable moments at our events involve no shooting at all; making rations in a hole with a little hexamine cooker; digging in in the middle of the night where every shadow and echo in the woods is filled with menace; doing a formation and receiving a promotion document filled out in Sutterlinschrift and a Gefreiter's insignia. Honestly I enjoy the shooting bit the least, these days.

If you want typical Black Hawk Down Hooah highspeed escapist stuff, we're not for you. If you want a sensation of time travel, give us a go.
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