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Originally Posted by infernal
On another note if you paid over a grand for a server, you are mis-managing your money. A dual drive backup rack server on a linux platform will run you less than $700 shipped with PSU and you can get a battery backup for under $100. You're co-lo should provide most of this for you, so the server should be all you need (provided you have a co-lo). For that price, you are running just shy of a half a terrabyte on a 10mbit line.
Wow infernal, if your group is that cheap and has the services we should talk, as I am looking for a good Canadian co-loc who is reasonable. So far, I have not found a good one at a reasonable $ and co-loc in the States. My experience shows there are usually 'gotchas' somewhere because everyone has to make money in a co-loc or they don't work and go belly up.

I pay a little more for mine for services like hotswapability, nightly backup, UPS (controllable via webpanel) and 24 pageable technician on call on 2 1U card accessable service racks each with 100mbit/s burstable and no bandwidth cap for about $79 USD/mon per 1U. Oh yeah, its a HIPPA compliant data center as well and I need that certification. I own my own hardware (about $5000 worth). So far on problems I've never had to wait longer than 10 minutes for a return of my calls at any time of day. They've also swapped out bad drives for me on my mirrors with my own drives I keep handy there for failures. They also have complete duplicates of my entire hardware setup they can swap into at a moments' notice.
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