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Originally Posted by Meat
The server, which is OURS aka ASCs.. dedicated.. was purchased for ~$1000 if I'm not mistaken. Miles forked out his OWN money for that.

Where's your money going? Well at the very least it's going to pay for some of that personal expenditure. Already that money has put in to more RAM and theres plans to expand the storage with a backup system as well. Money still comes from other sources (NOT DONATIONS) to host this site, and pay monthly fees and upkeep. All of the mods and admins STILL work for free and all of the effort they put in to the site is volunteer.

I think very few people have ever dumped a thousand dollars on the COMMUNITY here. Some game hosts and such do, but usually there is a bit of recouperation of funds through fees. So if anyone is going to complain about the TOTALLY VOLUNTARY donations, they should probably check to see the last time they gave out a grand for all of us.

Again, these are completely voluntary donations. This is not a pay site, this is not a scam, and your money goes towards improving the boards. I don't give money to the cancer society and expect them to take me out for dinner, but I appreciate the work they do so I help out. If you enjoy using ASC and want to contribute, please do. Many have and we appreciate it. If not? Then who cares? No one is twisting your arm here. We could in theory offer nothing in exchange, but we have the extra webspace and bandwidth so why not give a little something back?

And Don, I recommend that if you are so in doubt of the money involved.. you go do some research about how much it costs to get a dedicated server and tons of bandwidth. Let me know what you find.

Well that was something I didn't know. I didnt think this site would cost over $1000 to host, which in that case I dont see any problem with donating money myself. I just kinda like to know the facts about everything that goes on at this site before I donate. Sure Im not entilled to it, but no ones entilled to my money either.
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