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Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
Don't. It's illegal. Animal suffering and all that. I wouldn't even use .177, or anything sub 500 FPS. .22 or .25 pellet at 1000 FPS sure go right ahead, those are designed for varmints anyways.
Anything below .300 Win Mag in Canada is for varmints, IMHO. Our Southern cousins would like to believe .223 Remmy's are "big game" rounds, silly, right?

.338 Lapua Magnum... major sploosh.

As for airsoft, I started off with a KWC Makarov to wet my palate and ordered a KWA M11A1 for an appetizer and then of course I had to get the entree, a King Arms FN P90.

So I'm both AEG/GBBR and I don't think it ends there. I've been getting into the sport for the last five years and I still have these terrible itches to buy something. But I give it the whole "wait a couple of days and see" and that sometimes curbs the hunger. Sometimes...

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