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It would appear that I should have joined this forum and started posting way sooner! I wasn't into Airsoft guns no matter how cool they looked. That is until last year when I was at a gun show. I saw a couple booths that offered some interesting looking guns. I listened as several people talked about them for a few minutes. I was baffled that my 17yo son knew what type was what and its FPS rating and so on. I was looking at the real steel and knew about them while he had no clue. And here he knew details I would never have guessed at. That was a very odd feeling. My son knew more about guns than I did!

As I listened and he pointed out a few different models he liked, I made the worse mistake any man could! I picked up a Walther CP99. I hate to admit it, but at first I was confused why this little thing didn't look quite right. Felt right, good weight, nice balance... "This thing takes co2?!" It was too late… I was done for!

To make matters worse, I was back in the van calling "She Who Must Be Obeyed" trying to break it to her gently. I tried softening the blow by saying I didn't spend too much, just a few dollars... My son sitting beside me broke into a deep belly laugh when he heard the scream coming through the cell phone... "You bought a WHAT?! Are you (cursing) NUTS?!?" I wasn't sure if my son was about to “soil” the car's seat or if I'd have a bed INSIDE the house that night.

NOW you tell me there is a 24hr rule?! What the…!?!

I think it’s pretty funny that you think I have a disposable income. My good man I have a wife and kids! If there is any money that can be disposed of, it usually is!

Actually she’s great for letting me get toys if I do it the right way. (Usually involves a lot of chocolate and some flowers). You should have seen how I got played when I mentioned TAC14! Clearly I had not thought this through before hand…

Jumping in with both feet isn’t an option anymore; I don’t think I can hold myself back for that long! And there is seriously a 24hr rule? And what’s this about a shallow end?! There is a shallow end to the airsofter’s pool?! Seriously?!

The biggest issue I’m facing is actually choices and options. Seriously I had been confused for a while. I have decided on the APS ACP pistol. It just looks “sexy!” But I am going to invoke the 24 hour rule when I first squeeze my hand on its rubberized grip and feel it’s… 24 hours! I need 24 hrs and several miles so I can’t “accidentally” walk over and buy it. I have decided on the MP5, but may go with the M4 as a first gun. I like everything I’ve heard about the MP5, but going with the M4 due strictly to the popularity and readily available parts and upgrades. Both seem like decent platforms, but the M4 is just too common not to start there.

Chest rigs and mag pouches were easy to find and decide on though. Difficult was convincing SWMBO that this can be used for duck hunting. LOL, should have seen me trying to say a Kevlar helmet was a “must have” for ducks! “Those geese and just plain dangerous hunny! I need the added protection!”

I’ve looked up and found countless boots, talked to a few people and am now settled on SWAT brand boots with the side zip. Since they can come with steel toes I easily said they were “work boots.” Buying ballistic goggles wasn’t open for debate. (Especially after I explained I needed my eyes to keep working properly so I could admire her radiant beauty for the rest of my life!)

You know this just isn’t right letting me in on all these secrets AFTER the fact! You can start slow, there’s a shallow end to the pool, and there is even a 24hr rule before buying! Next thing you know, you people are going to tell me I could buy her a camo outfit and let her play too!


“Hey hunny? Remember how you said if I bought one more gun you’d shoot me with it? I bet you’d look really sexy in MARPAT…”
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