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Welcome to the game.. literally and figuratively.

It sounds like you are of similar age to myself - and with a level of disposable income available, not normally available to the average younger noob fresh to the scene.. provided that SHMBO does not object/kill you for making financial choices that are even poorer than hers..

With this, comes benefits and pitfalls. Some of those pitfalls, you've already recognized, interspersed throughout your post..

#1 - take your time. Figure out what you want to do beyond the bare financial basics of Airsoft, before buying into it further/expanding beyond what the basics require. This makes all the difference in the world, as far as a large collection of guns little used (or sold at a loss) and a small selection of guns, often used. Same goes with equipment/gear/clothing. Get the basics required.. and play a half dozen games, before going financially insane.

#2 - feed that potential addiction with the moderating antidote of reading and researching all aspects of airsoft - not just on this forum, but elsewhere also. You'll learn quickly which opinions to consider, and which one's to dismiss, as far as the direction you wish to go with all this.. purchases, personal equipment setup, reviews, advantages vs disadvantages.. all aspects.

Originally Posted by r.d.fretz View Post

Now I’ve looked into pistols so much I’m left with more questions that answers! There are the 1911 models, similar looking 2011 models, the crazy auto shooters, the silencer types and oh so much more. Gas-Blow-Back and Non-Blow-Back, different models that resemble real steel and made with full metal. Plastic, spring, green gas, co2…
Get a basic, work-horse pistol first. Find a shop, and try some grips on for the size of your paws. Ergonomics is key. KJW, KWA generally aren't bad for first choice pistols. Setting it up for 3-4 mags, should be sufficient for it's purpose as a back-up. As you gain experience/you cast your eyes about the safe-zone and observe what other people are using, you may be tempted to expand the side-arm armory.. do not be afraid to ask other players to play "show and tell" about their pistol, for the benefit of further knowledge.. most people are happy to prattle on about their toys, no matter their age!

I started off with a KJW M9 .. it did me fine for 2 seasons. I am entering season 3 with an additional KJW P229 (more compact, plate-carrier carry) and a KWA PTP Mk3 (1911 - the grip is actually more suitable for my small paws as compared to the M9 and P229) for a little bit of variety. Each have their own place, in different load-out setups. In all honesty.. the M9 would be fine as the sole pistol to have, the other two are simply gravy.

Originally Posted by r.d.fretz View Post
I used to think the pistols were confusing! Wow the rifle options!! Do I get the AK 47 or 74, do I go more Canadian Military and choose the M4, or maybe the M5. But then there was this killer looking bolt action rifle… They looked real; some had actual wood “furniture”. They were seriously close to the real steel counterparts. I wasn’t just confused by all the options; I was becoming dangerously “interested” in buying! The more I researched the guns and accessories, the more I was beginning to think I was becoming a lost cause, that I would never get out of this is I bought just one little thing!
The best advice i can give, is for a good all-around first-time airsoft go-to gun - get an AEG from one of the good rated mid-level manufacturer's, and get something that has most commonality with other airsoft players on the field. This is going to be an M4/M16, or an AK47/74 variant. Buy something that is TM compatible, and not of proprietary design.

Once you get a good, solid gun as your primary.. again, any follow-up primary guns are going to be gravy on your airsoft experience.

Once you have played a bit, and discovered exactly what style of play you enjoy .. then you can open your wallet up further and let all sense of financial responsibility disappear.

I've got several primaries.. but each fills a role that i explore at least once or twice in a season. I've got a couple M4's that get the most use, but I've also got an M14 DMR when i am feeling lazy and want to hide in the weeds, an MP5 for CQB indoors, an AK74 for that 'OPFOR' role, and an LMG .. just because i could. 3 years on, i can safely say that i've satiated my thirst for primaries.. unless i get bitten by the GBBR bug.. i'm resisting infection on that, so far.

Originally Posted by r.d.fretz View Post
Like a babe in the woods, I have no defenses against the terrible retailers offering me such sweet, sweet candy! I want two of everything and three of the things I need most!
The only defenses you have, is this. See something new and shiney at the airsoft shop?.. the 24 hr rule applies. Come back in 24 hrs, if you still like it, the finances are agreeable, and SHMBO hasn't found your airsoft cache hiding spot yet.. then buy it. Spend the 24 hrs in-between reviewing reviews, and doing comparison shopping.. who knows, you might find something even better in your research that will have made that perspective purchase inadvisable.

Originally Posted by r.d.fretz View Post
Answers to questions and options are like the grains of sand on a beach, there are many… very many! So free kin MANY!! The main options, is to go with what’s right for you. But how do you know what will be right before you are into the sport? I may not have many answers, but I’m jumping in with both feet anyhow!
By all means, jump in with both feet.. you only live once. Just take some baby-steps first in the shallow end, before wading in right up to your neck! Good luck and enjoy!
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