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Just wanted to say thanks to HoJo and the other admins who have been supporting ASC, in the year I've been a member of this community I've seen nothing but continuous upgrades and added levels of security to prevent hackers from destroying the information stored on here, the added benefits of the site also being updated with new features to make it easier to navigate, search (which were still trying to get most people to do), and most importantly to find information is great. HoJo alone has put countless hours keying in data and code to make these updates happen, if he needs help to buy the hardware to be able to do so, and to help keep this server running as smoothly as possible, then yeah asking for donations is the right thing to do. I was surprised there wasnt a donation or membership fee already in place considering the amount of work already when I first joined last year before the new server upgrade and the change to this vBulletin version.

So to keep this simple, keep up the great work guys!
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