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pusangani - I'm not planning to "target practice" on birds, I was planning to eat the game birds I shoot, and only shooting them when legally in season. I figured an airsoft would be a bit less noisey than a .22 cal. I do appreciate the comment and I should have made my intentions more clear.

I started out with real steel guns in about '84 when I was old enough to go off on my own, and not a kid anymore. The biggest selling point to the wife, is that the kit I buy can be used for hunting in the fall.

MultipleParadox - While I agree that buying cheap is never a smart idea, I'm going to buy low end rifle as a first gun for one reason only, I need something to play with and gain experience from while learning what style of player I will be and what the real needs of that style will be. I figure there isn't much point to buying a sniper rifle to play CQB, or a fully decked out MP5 RIS for WW2 re-enacting. That said, I am not buying $5 goggles!I don't have a replacment set of eyes so I'm not skimping out here.

As for reading the posts in here and learning more about the different set ups and so on, I've been here reading for months and only now joined because I wanted to start posting. I figure that a few indoor games will let me know if I want to do mostly CQB, or outdoor Milsim. This summer I will be at my local field often so I can see if Skimishes would be my thing. As for full on 24hr Milsim and WW2 re-enacting, I will talk to more people who are in it to see if its half as much fun as I've been reading about. I'm trying to go slow and step into this new lifestyle carefully, but its not easy resisting the urge to just dive right in and go broke trying on different kits! Not easy, but forcing myself to do it anyhow. Once I know what type of game play I like best I doubt I will resist much anymore. I can resist anything but temptation and airsoft is doing nothing but tempting me!
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