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Becoming an Airsoft Enthusiast

I have just begun getting into Airsoft as a sport/hobby/obsession. I was just looking for a nice fast little pistol I could tuck into a pocket while out at my cottage while hunting moose. The idea was that I would have a small pistol capable of “knocking out” a bird while not making enough noise to scare away the big game I was out there for. At least that’s where I started a year ago…

Now I’ve looked into pistols so much I’m left with more questions that answers! There are the 1911 models, similar looking 2011 models, the crazy auto shooters, the silencer types and oh so much more. Gas-Blow-Back and Non-Blow-Back, different models that resemble real steel and made with full metal. Plastic, spring, green gas, co2…

The problem was that when I began looking into this I was curious. Then after looking into it all, I became confused. Then I discovered a YouTube video… it was a Milsim/OP/Skirmish game. Not sure of the proper term for the game, it was defiantly military like, but not super structured. I looked for more videos since that one looked like fun. Several videos later I was in my local Airsoft store asking more questions.

I used to think the pistols were confusing! Wow the rifle options!! Do I get the AK 47 or 74, do I go more Canadian Military and choose the M4, or maybe the M5. But then there was this killer looking bolt action rifle… They looked real; some had actual wood “furniture”. They were seriously close to the real steel counterparts. I wasn’t just confused by all the options; I was becoming dangerously “interested” in buying! The more I researched the guns and accessories, the more I was beginning to think I was becoming a lost cause, that I would never get out of this is I bought just one little thing!

Then I see there is a convention! I’m all but lost now… My wife is no longer amused at the level of excitement I’m showing. I tell her I found some “great deals” and can be outfitted in basics for only $2500! “Basics?!” she says with a hint of “Are you on crack?!”

With so many options and no clue what is a “good” starter gun that can be built up over time, I’m lost. Like a babe in the woods, I have no defenses against the terrible retailers offering me such sweet, sweet candy! I want two of everything and three of the things I need most!

This brought me to look into buying guns Outside Canada. Didn’t take long for me to discover that the amazingly low prices weren’t so amazing once shipping, taxes, duties, and potential seizure at the boarder were factored in. That $75 GGBR looks nice, but the $500 extra costs just killed it for me. Not to mention the potential loss at the “boarder lottery!”

So here I am, poised to make a full blown leap into the world of Airsoft and Milsim Ops, and CQB when I discover WW2 re-enactors…. Oh great! More options! Like I need this temptation! Everywhere I turn there is another new option that promises to be better than the last. I just to say find a nice outfit and rifle, and then WW2 re-enactors…

I look for answers, I find more questions. I narrow down the options and am ready to buy something when I find a whole new side of things, a new sort of game that promises to be way more fun. Seriously, what is the matter with you people?! Who needs that many guns and kits and accessories and… Why didn’t I know about this before I had bills, a wife, and kids!! Why didn’t you people find me sooner?!?

The more I find the more I want and the more I want the more I need! This isn’t a sport! It’s not even a hobby! This is an obsession and a lifestyle choice! All I wanted was one little pistol to bring hunting and now look what you’ve all gone and done! My “Wish List” could pay for a new house! The basics kit I now want is enough to buy a car! Not to mention the bribery costs… An understanding wife is great, but the things I have to buy her so I can buy stuff… All prices are now doubled!

So far I have learned a grand total of this…

If you think you can afford this life, you are kidding yourself.
You’re basics are actually just Goggles, a Rifle, and LOADS of ammo! (Buy bulk. Seriously, buy bulk!)
If you think you know what you’re interested in exploring, you’re wrong. Explore more.
Play a few games and you’re done… You will always want to play.
If you can actually afford this, I would like to forward my resume and work for you so I can afford this too!

Answers to questions and options are like the grains of sand on a beach, there are many… very many! So free kin MANY!! The main options, is to go with what’s right for you. But how do you know what will be right before you are into the sport? I may not have many answers, but I’m jumping in with both feet anyhow!
Knowledge weighs nothing, carry as much as you can!
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